Benefits of Mediation

There are numerous potential benefits to selecting mediation as a means of dispute resolution. These include:

Speed and Efficiency: Mediation can be a rapid and efficient way to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement. In contrast to the traditional court system where cases can take months or years to be finalized, with an unpredictable outcome, a mediation process can often be completed in a matter of weeks, days or even hours if the parties are especially committed.

Decrease in Hostility/Halts Growth of Conflict: By acting as impartial third party and guiding communication, the mediator defuses a volatile atmosphere and helps the parties feel more comfortable and safe in each other’s presence.

Improved Communication: Communication breakdown is a cause or an aggravation for existing problems between the parties in almost all cases. Mediation facilitates and promotes more effective communication, and can mitigate long-standing hurts, anger and despair. In many cases, improved communication becomes a lasting side-effect long after the mediation itself is concluded.

Privacy and Confidentiality: By choosing mediation, parties avoid public exposure of personal and financial information. All information revealed in mediation remains confidential, even if the case ultimately goes to court.

Cost Effectiveness: Mediation typically requires fewer sessions at lower hourly fees than conflict resolution conducted through legal channels.

Self-Determination: Mediators assist the parties to choose their own solutions, rather than having one imposed upon them by a judge as can occur in court. The parties are free to create a custom made agreement according to their own unique needs, wishes, sensitivities, and creativity.

Win – Win Situation: In a mediated settlement, the job of the mediator is to guide the parties towards a solution that both approve of. In this scenario, the parties can both see themselves as winners.

Method of reconciliation: As a collaborative, non-adversarial process, mediation can be especially benefitial when the parties hope to maintain or re-establish a positive relationship with one another.

Parties should be aware that mediation does not take the place of solicitors. We strongly recommend that you obtain your own independent legal advice from a solicitor of your choice.