Frequently Asked Questions

How does JusticeNet work?
When using JusticeNet's website for the first time, the user is asked to select from one of three professions: lawyers, mediators or paralegals. This selection is remembered and the website is tailored to that profession. Users can then browse JusticeNet's online directory and locate a professional in the field they require who is in their area. As each professional will only take a limited number of clients you may need to call more than one professional listed in the directory to make an appointment.
Who qualifies for this service?
JusticeNet is currently available to anyone living in Ontario whose net family income is under $70,000, or families of three or more members whose net family income is under $90,000 and who are ineligible for provincial legal aid.
Is a professional (lawyer, mediator, paralegal, law firm, etc.) listed on this directory obliged to take my case?
No. Each participating professional or firm may set their own limits as to the number of JusticeNet cases they wish to take for a given period of time. Please contact each desired professional directly to determine their availability.
What does a lawyer require from me before accepting my case?
Generally, a participating lawyer will request information about your net family income from all sources before considering your case on a reduced fee basis. Please note that participating lawyers may further request information about your owned assets, and may refuse to accept your case for any reason.
Is JusticeNet responsible for the performance of any lawyer participating in the Program?
No. JusticeNet simply provides a venue for lawyers to accept a portion of cases on a reduced-fee basis. Participating lawyers are expected to treat JusticeNet clients with the same standard of care as any other clients, but we are not in any way involved in the business relationship between yourself and any lawyer you choose to hire. For more information, please see our "Terms & Conditions" Page. You are encouraged to make every effort to inform yourself fully before hiring someone. Ask questions. Be clear about what it is that you want so the lawyer involved can indicate whether he or she is or isn’t able to accomplish your goal. Seek references if you so desire. Last but not least, put the details of the agreement (including time frame and pricing, fixed or estimated) in writing whenever possible.
Is the information in this Directory up-to-date?
We make every effort to keep the information contained in this website current. To do so, we rely on the listed professionals to regularly provide us with correct and up-to-date information. Therefore, we suggest that you get in touch with your chosen professional directly to confirm any necessary details found on this site (for example, practice opening hours).