How to Apply

Lawyers wishing to participate in the JusticeNet program must register by completing and submitting an application form online, or by printing out the application form and sending it by post. Please see the Contact Us page for mailing address details.

There is a modest yearly membership fee for lawyers wishing to join JusticeNet. This membership fee helps to cover the administrative costs of the program, include referrals from our toll-free call centre.


Please note: lawyers wishing to join JusticeNet must be duly qualified, hold a valid license in their relevant jurisdiction, be in good standing according to their provincial law society, not subject to any disciplinary sanctions, and maintain liability insurance for their practice.

Listing Activation

Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed before being placed online. In case of any problems with the information you supplied, we will contact you to correct the information.

You may update your listing at any time by visiting our website and logging on to the listing self-care page using the login details that you entered at registration.

To proceed with registration, please click on the button below.

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