Privacy Policy

The Internet is a public place. Please protect yourself by using common sense when contributing to this or any other web site. Avoid disclosing sensitive personal information where it can be easily viewed by others.

JusticeNet is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines how we handle your personal information to protect your privacy. By using this web site, you consent to our collection and use of your information as described below. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please discontinue all use of this website.

Personal Information

Personal information is defined as information about an identifiable individual, but does not include the name, title or business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization. In other words, it does not include the information that one expects to find on a business card.

Our Promise

Our commitment to client confidentiality is most simply expressed by our promise to you that, unless required by law:

a. we will never give, share, sell, trade, loan, rent or disclose any personally identifiable information about you without your express permission;
b. we will protect every credit card transaction made on our web site; and
c. we will promptly remove your contact information from this website and any email distribution lists upon request.


Consent to Our Collection of Personal Information

In most cases, we will obtain your consent to collect, use and disclose your personal information.

Use of Personal Information at JusticeNet

We use personal information from (a) the public to process requests for information and (b) from lawyers and law firms to process applications for a listing in our directory. Where applicable, we also use personal information to issue invoices and maintain our database of users.

In addition, if you apply for a position with JusticeNet, we will use your personal information to assess your candidacy. Lastly, we may use your contact information (name, e-mail and postal address, if provided) so that we may communicate with you about our services and topics of interest.


Email sent over the Internet is not secure and may be lost, intercepted, or altered. If you send personally identifiable information to us via email, we will not be liable if it is lost or intercepted, altered or misused by someone else.

Instead, we encourage you to use the secure online messaging system available on this web site.

Website Privacy

Like most other commercial websites, we may monitor traffic patterns, site usage and related site information to optimize your visit to our website.

Our website server will automatically collect IP addresses. We may view the IP log from time to time, for example, to maintain the security of our website. We do not routinely link the IP addresses to other personally identifiable information.

Withdrawal of Consent

You may withdraw your consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information at any time.

You can ask us to remove your personal information from our email distribution lists by following the opt-out instructions in each communication.


JusticeNet uses various safeguards to ensure that your personal information is protected against loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying or alteration. These include: security of our physical premises; security software and firewalls to prevent unauthorized computer access or “hacking”; and internal passwords that restrict access to our electronic files.

JusticeNet uses only reputable third-party companies to maintain its electronic records and to store and destroy its paper files. It further ensures that those companies are bound by contract to comply with this Privacy Policy.

Access to your Personal Information

You have a right to challenge the accuracy and completeness of your personal information and to have it amended, as appropriate. You also have a right to request access to your personal information and receive an accounting of how that information has been used and disclosed, subject to certain exceptions prescribed by law. For example, if the requested information would reveal personal information about another individual, your request for access may be limited or denied.

To request access or to amend your personal information, please contact our Privacy Contact at the address below. JusticeNet will respond within thirty (30) days of receipt of your written request.

Challenging Compliance

JusticeNet will respond to inquiries about its policies and practices relating to its handling of your personal information. Inquiries should be directed to JusticeNet’s Privacy Officer using the contact information below. JusticeNet will investigate all complaints and will respond within 30 days of receipt of a written inquiry. If the complaint is found to be justified, JusticeNet will take appropriate measures to resolve it, including, if necessary, amending this Policy and its procedures.

Privacy Contacts

If you have any questions or complaints about this Policy or the handling of your personal information, if you wish to withdraw your consent to our use of your personal information, or to request access to or update any information we have on file, please contact our office at:

Privacy Officer
6013 Yonge St., Suite 304
Toronto, Ontario M2M 3W2

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes will be posted on this website. Please check from time to time to ensure you are aware of our current policy.